Sutton Explains Verbero's Life After Hockey Program on Locked on Ducks Podcast


Veteran National Hockey League defender and Verbero Owner & CEO Andy Sutton decided to become an entrepreneur after enduring a lengthy 15-season career.

But for some, moving on from being a professional athlete is a difficult ordeal requiring transitional support. That’s why Sutton created Verbero’s Life After Hockey Program, which assists former players of all levels in finding a career. Sutton described the Life After Hockey Program on the Locked On Ducks Podcast with Host Jason Hernandez.

“We offer ongoing training and support, education for all the products and then we do everything we can to support and uphold that within to make sure the athletes have ongoing success,” Sutton said.

“We’re working with about 25 ex-NHLers, we have about 30 PHPA (Professional Hockey Players’ Association) members and about 20 of the top women in the game as sales reps. It speaks volumes about the space we’ve created. The way we have it all working is we’re very intimate with our approach and connection to the customer because we’re going through people like these players that have credibility, respect and relationships. It allows us to fast-track our entry into these organizations.”

The former Anaheim Ducks defender has watched the Life After Hockey Program blossom since its inception. After bringing in Stanley Cup champion Jamal Mayers and former NHL Official Tim Peel, the Verbero Fitting Experience was born and proved to be a success.

“They’ve come in and essentially closed off every single organization in the St. Louis area,” Sutton said. “I went in there a couple of weeks ago for fittings with these organizations. So myself, Tim Peel and Jamal Mayers were down on our hands and knees fitting kids in their jerseys, socks and shells.”

The Verbero Fitting Experience represents the mission at Verbero, which is to provide affordable hockey equipment and unparalleled team servicing in ways unmatched by equipment competitors.

“It embodies what we are at Verbero. It’s a testament to the intimacy that we bring and the shoulder-to-shoulder approach that we have in supporting not only the brand and products but the reps, ambassadors and affiliates.”