Revealing Your Go-to Gadget Of The Ice-Hockey Arena

VERBERO is committed to ensuring the hockey playfield surpasses the functionality of being a mere place of competition. To reduce the tension on the field and make the players feel refreshed and energized, we are presenting Zamboni Coolers.

Our professionally designed Zamboni coolers are remote-controlled mini cars that carry a variety of zesty, energetic, and refreshing drinks for the players.

Sleek in design and equipped with extra features, these coolers contain the lifeline for players grappling with energy loss, trying to perform at their best.

Ultra-modern Zamboni Cooler With Surprising Features:

Zamboni Coolers fall in the category of ice-hockey products that are equipped with modern features. Our team of engineers goes the extra mile to incorporate a remote-sensing, blue-tooth sound system, allowing you to deliver energy and entertainment at the same time. 

With the capacity to house 30 cans, remote-control coolers suffice to cater to the surplus demand for refreshments. Remote control coolers come with bright LED lights to ensure that nighttime may not interrupt the entertainment. Give a lasting battery time of up to 6 hours.

Super-easy to operate, with their efficient remote sensing technique giving you complete control over how you motor them.

Custom Motorized Cooler with Branding Option:

Verbero does not believe in the “one-design-fits-all” principle and thus provides customization options to let you bring your ideal Zamboni cooler to life.

To elevate Zamboni cooler from being ordinary to exceptional, we make sure that it promotes your brand awareness. Our adept design team prints your brand logo and slogan in vibrant colors and bold typography, getting across your brand message to players and audiences effectively.

With Our Custom motorized cooler, give your brand the recognition it deserves.