After the Game

a new verbero

After his playing career, Andy Sutton worked for a number of years as President of a leading hockey brand. Always wanting to do things differently and realizing that things in hockey needed to shift, he stepped away and took over Verbero in December of 2019. The main focus being to bring premium technology and the best custom program to the market at an affordable price. Verbero is different. Verbero is bold.

Move to Customization

Fully Custom

Highest quality jersey with limitless design options. This South Carolina blackout jersey has sold 1000s of units over the past year. Raising the team tens of thousands of dollars. Get your team started on designs with us now.

Long Term Value


Making itself a one-stop shop for teams when it comes to premium equipment, game wear, and apparel, Verbero also began focusing on deepening team partnerships and events. Sutton instills that the teams Verbero works with aren't customers, but rather partners, part of the Verbero Family. In order to create value for Verbero's partners, Sutton created things like the Jersey Fundraiser Program to assist with team fundraising, Coach Care Program and exclusive pricing on stock and custom sticks, to name a few.

The focus is to give our team and association partners every opportunity to look incredible, access top tier goods and save money in the process.

All Your Hockey Needs


Sticking true to our character and original pillars of offering premium custom gear at affordable prices, Verbero has continued its reach by partnering with other leading companies. Partners such as Sparx, MicrobeCare and YEW Stoked! perfectly align with the hockey community and offer access to premium wax, unmatched health and safety, and on demand skate sharpening at an affordable rate.