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team rewards program

The goal of our business is not to simply exchange dollars for goods. We want to go way beyond that. We want to create an infrastructure that allows your program to be ultimately as successful as it can be. In pursuit of this, Verbero Team Rewards is immediately unlocked after you make the choice to partner with Verbero.  

Services like our online Jersey Fundraisers, Coach Care Program, and Event Support are part of what we do for you. We also offer exclusive pricing for Verbero sticks, socks, and commodities, social media support and marketing support.  Tell us if there’s another company out there that’s going to offer all of these inclusions after they deliver a set of jerseys. There isn’t.


Custom team store

Step into the realm where team spirit meets with customized ice hockey equipment and personalized apparel. It doesn't matter whether you are an individual team or huge association, we have a wide range of customizable products. Our Team Behind Your Team is dedicated to providing you with best-in-class products and services.

Setting up a team store can be a hassle and managing fulfillment can make it even worse. But we’ve developed a system and solution to create and manage your custom team store as well as handle all fulfillment and distribution. Our goal is to de-stress your life and give you back your time so you can focus on having success on and off the ice. 

Team Spirit on display

jersey fundraiser program

Are you a hockey team or association that is interested in generating fundraising revenue while simultaneously boosting team spirit? Then we have the program for you. Verbero has created our Jersey Fundraiser Program to support our team and association partners.

We’ve put over $50,000 in the back pocket of a single program that we work with. We’re sure you’re wondering how that is possible. Here is how it works: We produce jerseys at no cost to you, host them online in a custom team store for you to sell to friends, family and fans, manage all individualized fulfillment and customer service, and give you the profits to go directly into your program. 

Support Our Coaches

coach care program

The Verbero Coach Care Program is a program to ensure that coaches are put at the top of the list. This program is intended to give coaches essential products that they deserve. Whether it's a stick, gloves, warm-up suit, hoodie, t-shirt, or backpack, we build this into your program as a benefit and a thank you to all of those that uphold the teaching and coaching of our of our future hockey players.

Hear What They're Saying!

Customer Voices

Alabama AAU D1★★★★★

"Thank you guys so much you are the best! Those jerseys look sick. I am so excited!"

Auburn AAU D1★★★★★

"I’ve become a true believer of Verbero over the year. Thank you guys as always”

South Carolina AAU D1★★★★★

"The merch came in and is so awesome! The Q-zip is really nice quality.”

Florida AAU D2★★★★★

"It was a great weekend and the jerseys were an absolute slam dunk. Some are saying it’s our best ones yet!”

Miami Women’s AAU Team★★★★★

"I got the jerseys! They are amazing!!!! The team absolutely loves them! Thank you so much to you and your team!"

Brent Sopel, HEParks Wolfpack, 12-Year NHL Vet★★★★★

"You guys absolutely killed it, really appreciate it, gloves are sick!”

Lisa Borgford, Bakersfield Jr. Condors★★★★★

"Gloves are slick, the boys look amazing!!!!"

United States Secret Service Hockey Team:★★★★★

Wanted to thank you guys again as I’ve received great feedback from everyone, they look fantastic!!

Jordan French, Skills Coach★★★★★

“The apparel came in, wow… I will actually look legit. Stuff is amazing”

Shoresy, TV Show★★★★★

“The new jerseys you guys helped us with are going to be a hit. What a kit, thanks again!"

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