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We like to say, "Verbero IS Custom." We offer world-class customization, professional design, and customer support to ensure that every player looks and feels like a pro.


Once you've partnered with Verbero, you're in the family. See all of our inclusions and programs that help support and give back to your team.

Verbero - The Team Behind Your Team

Limitless Customization

Custom Ice Hockey Gear

When it comes to custom ice hockey gear, we’ve thought of everything. We offer our customers a personalized experience that truly goes beyond their expectations. It doesn't matter whether you want custom jerseys, sticks, gloves, or bags; we can take care of everything so that you can de-stress your life and get your time back, knowing that you have a Team Behind Your Team to make your season a success.

Unleashing the power of custom Uniforms

Get Your Custom Ice Hockey Uniform

It doesn't matter whether you need uniforms for a single team or the whole association. Our team of designers and manufacturers will go the extra mile to provide you with what you need.

From fabric selection to printing designs and techniques, our experts prioritize excellence and craftsmanship while working within your budget.  We promise on-time and accurate deliveries for every order at any volume. You can rest easy knowing that every player will look and feel like a pro on and off the ice.

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Personalized Ice Hockey Gloves

Custom Ice Hockey Gloves

When it comes to developing filthy mitts, having the right set of gloves is a must. If you are looking to elevate your game and at the same time want to showcase your unique style, then you’ve come to the right place.

Our custom gloves are carefully designed to provide unparalleled performance and endless design possibilities. Our Mercury gloves stack up against top-tier gloves from other brands while offering personalized design and world-class durability.

The Best Custom Hockey Sticks In Town

Custom Ice Hockey Sticks

What makes us stand out from the rest? Our passion for the game and our commitment to excellence. We have developed a best-in-class stick that has endless customization options. Whether you are a playmaker, a sniper, or a defensive powerhouse, we have something that will perform and last. Lighter and stronger than the top competitors, at a fraction of the price.