Essential Protection With Shoulder Pads

When it comes to safeguarding yourself on the ice, protecting your shoulders should be your top priority. Ice hockey is a contact sport, which is why having reliable shoulder protection is paramount. At Verbero, we go the extra mile to provide our customers with a shoulder pad that not only offers great protection, but also maintains optimum mobility. Our Shield Shoulder pads feature a modular system of removable impact plates, placed in strategic areas to provide unequaled protection from impact. Our gear is built for hockey players, by hockey players, so we know that you want all the essential protection you need, but also a set of shoulder pads that were designed with comfort and flexibility in mind.

Ice hockey is a physical sport, and protecting your body is crucial. Worry no more! Our shoulder pads are crafted using high-quality material to provide vital protection. With the use of advanced technology, we ensure that our products will absorb impact and disperse energy while at the same time reducing the risk of injuries from falls, checks, and collisions.

Optimal Performance

If you're thinking that our ice hockey shoulder pads are just about protection, then you’re wrong. Our team of experts engineer each piece of gear for optimal performance. We understand that each player is unique, and so is their preference when it comes to their game. The Shield Shoulder Pads feature a system of protective units that provide maximum safety with increased mobility and minimum weight.

Only Verbero’s Shield Shoulder Pads are designed to absorb impacts without restricting movement. This light weight shoulder pad has outstanding impact absorption, combined with flexible materials. Along with the adjustable straps around your arms and chest, you can custom fit our shoulder pads to your exact level of comfort and protection desired.

Our Shield Shoulder Pads also feature a breathable design that helps vent heat and wick moisture. Nothing is worse than a hot and soggy pair of shoulder pads, so take the step up and get yourself the next generation of shoulder pads from Verbero.

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We are not just selling shoulder pads. We are selling comfort and safety. We have everything you need that allows you to play with confidence. Shop now and stay well-protected on the ice with our customizable Shoulder Pads.