LYFEFUEL Essentials Nutrition Shake

Do you want a game-changing addition to your ice hockey nutrition routine? If you've said yes, you must stop now, as you're in the right place. At Verbero, we know the significance of optimal nutrition for peak performance. The VEGAN NUTRITION SHAKE is vital in supporting your recovery, energy, and overall health on and off the ice.

Players need a solid nutrition solution to meet their energy requirements. To be honest, LYFEFUEL ESSENTIALS NUTRITION SHAKE is carefully crafted with the right nutritional values to cater specifically to the needs of athletes of all levels. Trust us; the benefits of the shake extend beyond basic nutrition.

The Essentials vegan nutrition shake puts an end to random supplementation. It uses food-based nutrients expertly combined and backed by science to serve as a vegan, plant-based meal replacement shake. It provides the full benefits of a balanced diet without any hassles of meal prep.

Complete Nutrition Support And Enhanced Recovery With Plant Based Nutritional Shake

Regarding the LYFEFUEL ESSENTIALS NUTRITION SHAKE, you will have peace of mind; our vegan nutritional shake is a comprehensive nutrition source. Delivering a perfect blend of protein, good fats, and carbohydrates to fuel your body, the essential shakes fulfill the demanding nature of ice hockey.

Your body will require efficient recovery after a rigorous game on the ice or a hectic practice session. With LYFEFUEL ESSENTIALS NUTRITION SHAKE, you have nothing to worry about, as it includes all the right amino acids, which promote muscle repair and reduce post-game fatigue. Shakes are Vegan and keto-friendly (only 3g Net Carbs), provide clean energy without the crash, and naturally curb hunger and control cravings.

All kinds of supplements on the market aim to give you “nutritional insurance.” But none of them come with the nutrients your body needs to look, feel, and perform at its best without synthetic vitamins, sketchy additives, and hidden ingredients.

Until now...

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LYFE Fuel uses a gentle drying process to remove water from natural whole foods without destroying any of the critical nutrients they offer. This provides you with nutrient-dense supplements that are easier to absorb and digest, resulting in superior health outcomes. Tested for heavy metals, pesticides, and microbials and optimized for superior nutrient absorption and retention, the LYFEFUEL ESSENTIALS NUTRITIONAL SHAKE should be a staple in every athlete's pantry. 


18g of highly digestible & complete plant-based protein in every scoop.


Twenty-eight essential micronutrients + elevated levels of critical nutrients needed the most.


Helps to recharge cellular energy and naturally kickstart metabolism.


It's no secret you should eat your veggies, but why not drink them instead?


Essential vitamins are critical for strong bones and removing calcium from the arteries.


A full range of plant-protective compounds that defend cells against oxidative stress.