Sutton On The Mercury V350 Stick: ‘I Challenge You’


Verbero Owner, CEO & longtime National Hockey League defenseman Andy Sutton urges hockey players from all over to test out the lightest stick on the market, none other than the Verbero Mercury V350 Composite Stick.

“For everyone that has not used the Verbero Mercury V350 stick, I challenge you,” Sutton said. “I challenge you to take a look at it.” 

Not only is the featherweight MERC V350 one of the best to handle due to its density, but the stick is also well-balanced and durable with its 18K carbon fiber construction. The stick also features rib core technology and compressed carbon fiber on the blade to augment shot accuracy and performance. 

“While I was playing in the NHL at a high level for such a long time, I was always such a stickler for balance,” Sutton continued. “This stick is the most balanced stick and has the best weight feel you could ever have.” 

The Mercury V350 Composite Stick is sold online at and is available in many of hockey’s most popular curves for all players.

“I’ve shot over 350 one-timers with an 85-flex V350, and even though I used a 125-flex when I played, I didn’t break the stick," Sutton added. 

"Give it a try, give it a look. You will not be disappointed.”