The Best Hockey Stick Wax: V-Wax

The Best Hockey Stick Wax: V-Wax

V-Wax - Powered by YEW is here. And it is filthy. As hockey gets faster and faster and the competition gets fiercer, players are constantly on the lookout for that edge. Enter, stick wax. Some folks hate it, some folks won't take the ice without it, some have never even tried it! Stick wax may not seem like a game-changer at first glance, but it might just be play an essential role in the way players handle the puck and execute shots.

“Honest review? F*ckin NASTY!” - Keegan Kemper, University of Oregon D-man

Benefits of Using Hockey Stick Wax

Protection Against Ice and Snow Build-up

Using the best hockey stick wax doesn't just help in maintaining your stick and make your tape last longer; it keeps ice and snow from building up on the blade. Ice build-up can drastically affect the weight and balance of the stick, which impacts your handling. Not to mention, keeping your blade clean ensures optimum contact with the puck.

Improved Grip and Puck Control

Stick wax enhances your grip on the puck, making for smoother handling and maneuvering, crucial for hitting Michys at game speed. A good wax lets the blade grip the puck just right, offering better control and tack to receive passes and handle the puck

How to Pick the Best Hockey Wax: Breaking Down the Features

1. Temperature Compatibility

    Not all rinks are the same temperature and not all waxes stay tacky in every environment. What good is wax if it loses tack when it gets a bit chillier than usual in the rink?

    2. Durability and Longevity

      Getting a coat on during your pre-game beverage sesh should be enough to get you through a full game and more. Nobody wants to be waxing their stick in between periods and on the bench. What would the boys think?!

      Top Hockey Stick Wax Brand

      Verbero V-Wax - powered by YEW , is leading the charge in hockey stick wax innovation. They boys are YEW did us a solid with this custom wax - eucalyptus scented for a refreshing twist, beeswax-based for non-tox and natural adherence, and a custom Verbero Green tinted.

      “V-Wax smells so good. Howies smells like overrated blueberry." - Some random hockey kid at the Oregon vs. Washington Outdoor Game

      Tips for Applying Hockey Stick Wax

      If you're new to the stick wax game, here is a handy step by step process:

      1. Remove any old tape and residue. You paid to save those grams of weight, don't add them back with layers of tape.
      2. Tape your blade as you usually would. Keep it smooth and tight. Don't be like Jamie Benn.
      3. Once the tape is on, apply a layer of wax over the tape.
      4. Use your fingers to work the wax into the tape for full coverage. With V-Wax, your hands will smell delicious before you stick them in your filthy mitts.


      Incorporating V-Wax - the best hockey stick wax out there in our unbiased opinion - into your gear regimen is a small step that can lead to significant improvements in puck handling and shot execution. If it doesn't make you Bedard within minutes, it's probably operator error.

      Don't let snow build-up and poor grip hold you back. Choose the best wax for hockey sticks and feel the difference in every game and practice session.

      Explore our full collection of hockey tape, laces, and wax on Verbero's collection page for more options to elevate your game.

      May your sticks stay grippy, your Michys filthy, and your game be as fresh as eucalyptus!