Sutton Details Mercury V350 Technology on the Next Shift Hockey Podcast

The Verbero Mercury V350 Composite Stick is one of the lightest tools on the market, making it the right twig for all types of hockey players.

Verbero Owner, CEO & 15-year National Hockey League defenseman configured the stick himself and knows of its full capabilities. The longtime professional defender joined the Next Shift Hockey Podcast to describe the technology behind the lightweight and affordable MERC350.

“This stick was one thing I was fortunate enough to bring in because it wasn’t in the Verbero brand before I acquired the company. It really is, for the money, the best stick on the market,” Sutton started.

“There are a couple of things I love about it: It has a vertical rib up through the shaft, so it has an incredible amount of resiliency in the shaft. It’s very durable and it packs a punch even though it’s so light, which is atypical. It’s also a solid construction blade. We haven’t tried to remove weight by punching holes in the blade, which is ridiculous, or having a blade that’s more like the ones that have more airflow in through the blade.”

Sutton trailed plenty of equipment over his 676-game NHL career and found that the Mercury V350 is one of the best sticks he’s ever handled. It was also extremely easy to get used to.

“I’m so pleased with this one because I loved the sticks that had a lot of feel and this one has no compromise there,” Sutton continued. “You can receive a pass and there’s some great absorbency but you still get that tremendous feeling.”

The former Atlanta Thrashers rearguard plans to continue maintaining the MERC350 as the lightest stick in the business, which provides players with endless benefits on the ice.

“If you got the lightest stick, in theory, you should be able to move that stick faster, which means you should be able to move it around people or away from a goalie quicker,” Sutton said.

“We’re going to never stop pushing the limit to have the lightest stick because it just makes sense fundamentally. We hold the place right now in the stick universe and just got to let more people know about it.”