Andy Sutton Joins Missin Curfew


The Flyers have started handing out a 90's Starter jacket to their player of game and the boys are all about it. The commissioner himself (of fantasy football that is) Larry Bettman, aka Flowers, joins Obie in the studio while Uppy zooms in dockside from Miami. With all 4 major sports going on right now, the fellas have a lot to talk about before they're joined by former National Leauger Andy Sutton! - Road Team Domination to Start the NHL Season - Impressions of 1st few TNT & ESPN Broadcasts - Player Swag - Is Connor McDavid the Best Athlete in the world? - Milk Carton - Lock of the Week - and more! Then Suttsy joins the show to reminisce on some great times in the league. They talk about his Michigan Tech days, going undrafted to 676 matches, injuries, fights, Verbero hockey gear, and more!

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