Sutton Talks Pranks, Thrashers and Career On Spittin’ Chiclets


Andy Sutton shares stories from his playing days on Spittin' Chiclets

Hockey pranks.

Over 14 seasons in the National Hockey League, Verbero Owner and CEO Andy Sutton certainly experienced his fair share of them.

“Back then, they used to cut the toes off my dress shoes, they’d stitch my legs shut on my suits, fill my car with packing peanuts, fill my shoes with shaving cream and glue. All kinds of stuff,” Sutton, laughing, told Spittin' Chiclets Hosts R.A., Paul Bissonnette and Ryan Whitney.

One such escapade put Sutton in hot water at the Shark Tank while a rookie with San Jose. Specifically, with Former Sharks Head Coach Darryl Sutter.

“I can remember one time in practice, and I think I got set up by the boys and I think it happened to be a bad day for me,” Sutton began. “I was using a shaft with a wood blade and we were doing a 2-on-1 tip drill. I go first because I’m super ambitious and excited to show Sutter I want to work hard. I pull it off the wall, go to take a shot and the blade breaks. We’re coming off like three losses and he takes the shaft, whips it up into the stands and says, ‘Do it again.’

“So, I go to get another stick and the thing busts again. He throws the next one 30 rows up and says, ‘Do it again.’

"I can’t make this up, the third stick broke and I came to find out after that the boys sawed my blades but Darryl didn’t know that so he chucks the third shaft 50 rows up and tells me to get off the ice! Literally tries to kick me off the ice.”

Despite the harsh prank, Sutton maintained respect for the two-time Stanley Cup champion bench boss.

“He just wanted perfection,” Sutton added. “He didn’t want us out there a long time but wanted us to do it right and he wanted us to stick up for each other. He had the old expression, ‘One guy in, we’re all in.’ And that’s how it was in San Jose. I still think the teams that do that well are the teams that are hardest to play against.”

Sutton shared more great stories about his playing days with the Spittin’ Chiclets crew, talking about his time with the Atlanta Thrashers and how he was able to carve out a long NHL career. Listen to the podcast above!