‘We’re Talking About Sustainability of Verbero Goods’: Sutton on MicrobeCare™ Spray Solution


MicrobeCare™ Spray Solution, an odor-removing, antimicrobial bonding agent, is new to the hockey world but a necessary product for every player who wants to remain safe from harmful bacteria while keeping their equipment smell-free.

MicrobeCare™ permanently bonds to nearly any surface to create a long-lasting, invisible barrier of protection against bacteria and MRSA. After application, the uniquely patented, EPA registered antimicrobial solution continuously fights against microorganisms that come in contact with the treated surface, helping combat the spread of infection and cross-communication of dangerous microorganisms.

“When this came across my desk, it was immediate,” Sutton, who laced up in 676 career NHL games, said. “We understand fully that we’ve got something that nobody else has. It’s been tested at the highest level in the most arduous of environments, and is at the forefront of that worldwide.”

MicrobeCare™ is available from Verbero’s Online Team Store and Team Service Packages to ensure hockey can be played safely and Verbero equipment can be maintained properly.  

“I feel really honored that we have that as part of our offering at Verbero,” Sutton continued. “We’re always talking about having this one-stop shop with our Team Stores and thinking about not only top-tier equipment, apparel, game wear, bags and accessories. Now we’re talking about the sustainability of Verbero goods, further upholding their value. It’s a perfect addition for Verbero.” 

MicrobeCare™ will maintain its effect for years on hard surfaces like a helmet and can be reapplied on softer pads that have more frequent friction on them, such as skates. For more information on the amazing product, visit http://www.microbecare.com/ and purchase it at https://verbero.com/.