Blade-Feel And Balance: The Mercury V350 Composite Stick


Feel good, play good. That’s it, that’s all.

With the Mercury V350 Composite Stick, players can perform to their absolute best with the stick that fuses durability, functionality, balance and featherweight technology at an affordable price.

“The stick itself, and this was always a thing for me when I was playing, I always loved a stick that had tremendous blade-feel and really good balance,” Verbero Owner, CEO & 15-season National Hockey League blueliner Andy Sutton said of the MERC350. “When you hold the stick, it’s not heel-heavy or blade-heavy. It’s got perfect balance all the way through.”

Not only does the V350 carry a well-balanced weight distribution and have different blade profiles, but it also has just the right amount of pop for players looking to dangle, rip pucks top shelf or dish passes backdoor.

“When the puck hits it, it’s not explosive like a Warrior that just explodes off the end of your stick,” Sutton said.

“It has a nice amount of absorbency while still having an incredible feel, which is very rare in the stick category, in my opinion. On top of that, the durability is further enhanced by the fact that in the shaft itself, there’s a vertical rib that cuts through the shaft and gives it an extra layer of strength in there, intrinsic strength, without adding more weight, which is the beauty of the MERC350.”

The MERC350 is available online at with several flex and blade configurations for customers.

“It’s the most value you can get for a stick. Period,” Sutton said. “It’s definitely as high-performing or more high-performing as any of the top sticks from any of the brands.”