‘The Efficacy of the Product Was a Game-Changer’: Former Pro Evan Rankin Praises MicrobeCare™

Former professional hockey player Evan Rankin, who suited up in 221 American Hockey League games over a nine-year career, discovered the practicality and usefulness of MicrobeCare™ antimicrobial spray long after his competitive playing days.

“I was at a beer league tournament and I was the stinkiest guy there - no question. I felt bad for the guys next to me,” Rankin, recalling his introduction to the product, said.

“I was on my way home from the tournament and I was like, ‘I got to spray my gear. This is disgusting. I got to get some Febreze or what not.’ But then I remembered I had that MicrobeCare stuff and I said, ‘I’m going to give it a shot right now.’ The next day, I was not stinking at all and I was extremely impressed.”

Originally intended for the medical field, MicrobeCare™ is entering the hockey world because of its ability to keep equipment from becoming a reservoir for bacteria. The spray also ensures gear remains sterilized and odor-free.

The fast-acting antimicrobial permanently bonds to nearly any surface to create a long-lasting, invisible barrier of protection against harmful germs and MRSA. After application, the EPA registered solution fights against microorganisms that come in contact with the treated surface, combating the spread of infection and cross-communication of dangerous microorganisms.

“The efficacy of the product was a game-changer for me,” Rankin continued. “To have something now where you can spray the tops of your helmets, the insides of your helmets and have a long-term bond, you know you’re going to be continuously protected. It’s priceless that we have this now.”

After treating his equipment with the antimicrobial spray and seeing instant results, Rankin ensures a 3 oz can of MicrobeCare™ is always in his hockey bag. The former Toledo Walleye forward also believes the solution will become a fixture in dressing rooms all around the world.

“There was something that we were missing in our sport, and that was MicrobeCare™,” he said. “It’s starting to take over and you’re starting to see all these Division I universities and colleges that are treating all their athletes. They have access to the product for the first time ever because this was something that was exclusive to the hospitals until now.”

Verbero includes the spray product in all of its Online Team Store and Team Service Packages to ensure hockey can be played safely and Verbero equipment can be maintained properly. Purchase the MicrobeCare™ spray online at https://www.verbero.com and visit http://www.microbecare.com/ for more information.