Verbero and Elite Junior Profiles Align to Support Student-Athletes

Verbero Hockey and Elite Junior Profiles (EJP) have aligned to present gifted student-athletes with the best opportunities possible while providing high-performance equipment and apparel!

EJP assists prospects from all sports in building and developing their web presence and marketing to help increase publicity and perception to potential recruiters, especially college coaches and scouts. EJP provides student-athletes a profile platform to list player successes, achievements, awards, academics and future goals, giving scouts a better holistic understanding of the athlete.

Verbero’s innovative and affordable products will be available on Elite Junior Profiles’ exclusive Online Team Store, giving student-athletes access to cutting-edge gear. 

“Elite Junior Profiles has one of the most dynamic athlete-assessment tools in the world which allows them access to parents, coaches, managers and players alike,” Verbero Owner, CEO and 15-year National Hockey League veteran Andy Sutton said. “EJP will use its diverse platform to align its customer base with access to Verbero products and Team Stores and I am beyond excited to watch this partnership evolve.”

Elite Junior Profiles also offers student-athletes a proprietary DISC Enhanced Profile™ feature. A DISC Enhanced Profile™ showcases the athlete in great detail with extensive information including character traits, strengths assessments, communication abilities as well as the motivation of the player.

Verbero powers the athlete to compete at their absolute best with high-quality equipment and goods. Products include the lightest stick on the market, the Mercury V350, the one-piece V900 Mercury Skate, durable protective wear as well as antimicrobial, anti-odor, stain resistant and water-resistant Zenkai performance apparel.

Through this partnership, EJP and Verbero will support the student-athlete in achieving their ultimate goal. For more information on EJP, head to Gain more information about Verbero Hockey at