Verbero Announces Athlete Partnerships with Five Professional Female Hockey Players

Team Verbero continues to grow as Professional Women's Hockey Players Association members Alyssa Gagliardi, Brigette Lacquette, Brit Howard, Carolyne Prevost and Kim Sass have all been named official Verbero Athletes!

"From the day I was contacted, I have been impressed with Verbero’s passion and commitment to growing the representation of female and BIPOC players," Sass, professional hockey player and PWHPA New Hampshire member said.

"Verbero is launching first-of-its-kind pro female player equipment lines and Blake Bolden has launched her own stick pattern. It feels so refreshing to be recognized as a female athlete but it is crazy that it is not the norm. The great thing about our pro deals are that there is no cap to an amount we can make, as it is a revenue-sharing model. I am also proud to be on the Verbero Women’s Equipment Advisory Board where we will aim to make some necessary changes to female equipment to enhance performance.”

Verbero strives to collaborate with and support female athletes on and off the ice. Verbero and its athletes will continue to celebrate accomplishments within women’s hockey and work diligently to foster the next generation of great female hockey players. 

“I am proud to be a part of this amazing company that is changing the game of women’s hockey with top-of-the-line equipment and apparel,” professional hockey player and PWHPA Toronto member Howard added.

Through the partnership with the PWHPA, Verbero intends to strengthen women’s hockey, the livelihood of professional female athletes and provide career options in the game following retirement.

“We are so excited to work with these amazing women," Verbero Director of Women's Hockey Marc Parizeau said. "Not only are they world-class athletes who train and work as hard, or harder than anyone in the game, but they are also incredible human beings.

"In addition to playing pro hockey, they are active in their communities and are fostering the next generation of phenomenal female athletes. These aren’t your typical pro deals. We are honoured to be entering into a revenue-sharing business partnership with our athletes and will work in unison to help create equal opportunities for female athletes.

"The sky is the limit!”