'Something To Behold': The Mercury V350

During his long, 15-year career in the National Hockey League, Verbero Owner and CEO Andy Sutton tested and trialled every piece of equipment imaginable in his pursuit for an edge on the ice.

There was not much the former heavyweight didn’t try, from wood and composite sticks to newly-designed protective wear and skates. It wasn’t until after his time in the NHL when Sutton would discover Verbero and the Mercury V350 - by far, the best stick he’s ever handled.

“I played the game for a really long time at a really high level. I got a chance to try everything under the sun. When I first picked up the Mercury V350, I couldn’t believe how light it was,” Sutton said.

With a strong first impression, Sutton decided to see how the stick would manage the force of his 6-foot-6, 260-pound frame. After wear-testing the tool with one-timer after one-timer, the former NHL defender was taken aback.

“I thought it was so light that there was no way it could be durable. The first thing I did was I went out and took 350 one-timers, to see what kind of result I got out of the stick. I was blown away by the feel, blown away by the durability. I couldn’t break this thing,” Sutton added.

The Mercury V350 is one of Verbero’s marquee products, as the hockey company puts a premium on quality rather than quantity.

“It’s become the basis for everything Verbero does,” Sutton said. “We’ve got the best-in-class product in every category and this stick is really something we’re proud of. Something to behold and something you should get your hands on. Give it a try. You will not be disappointed.”