Verbero Becomes Official Jersey Supplier For Danbury Trashers


Hockey fans and viewers of Netflix’s hit documentary Untold: Crime & Penalties will be thrilled to learn that Verbero has become the official jersey provider for the legendary Danbury Trashers organization. 

Verbero Owner and former Atlanta Thrashers defenseman Andy Sutton and Trashers President A.J. Galante are celebrating the partnership by offering limited edition Danbury Trashers Galante '17' Full Tackle Twill Jerseys. Pre-Sale for the collector’s item begins Monday, Sept. 20, at noon ET and runs until Thursday, Sept. 23

“There’s no limit on orders, It’s a pre-sale,” Galante, announcing on Instagram Live, told Trashers followers. “If five people order them by Thursday, great; if 5,000 order them, great. We’re going to get to you all.”

Verbero and the Trashers will release additional specialty items in the coming months, including Danbury’s royal blue alternate and the club’s NASCAR uniform. Certain product launches will also be in conjunction with fan-favorite Trashers such as enforcer Brad Wingfield and Stanley Cup champion Mike Rupp. 

“We are going to do some limited drops in the future and more collaborations,” Galante said. “We’re going to do something with Rupper. I talked to Brad Wingfield, too, and we’re looking to collab on a jersey.”

Sutton’s punishing type of play and his tenure with the Atlanta Thrashers franchise - who Galante’s Trashers challenged to a game at one point - make the partnership a perfect fit. “Sutton would have been a Trasher for sure,” Galante told Danbury fans. ”I promise you would have liked Andy Sutton in a Trashers jersey.”

The jerseys are full tackle twill, customizable, fit true to size and available in adult and child sizes. In true Trasher fashion, each sweater also features a fight strap. 

To confirm your pre-order, visit this link at and stay tuned for upcoming announcements regarding more Trashers apparel. 

"If you pre-order, we are going to have some goodies that go in the package with you," Galante added. "We need everyone to support. The Trashers logo is more than just an old hockey team.”