Safe & Smell-Free: Maintain Verbero Equipment With MicrobeCare™ Spray Solution


Protect your Verbero equipment and help to keep it from becoming a reservoir for bacteria, and ensure it stays odor-free with MicrobeCare™ antimicrobial spray, exclusively offered by Verbero.

MicrobeCare™ is a fast-acting antimicrobial that permanently bonds to nearly any surface to create a long-lasting, invisible barrier of protection against bacteria and MRSA. After application, the uniquely patented, EPA registered antimicrobial solution continuously fights against microorganisms that come in contact with the treated surface. This will help fight the spread of infection and cross-communication of the dangerous microorganisms on a MicrobeCare treated area.  

Verbero is proud to include the spray product in all of its Online Team Store and Team Service Packages to ensure hockey can be played safely and Verbero equipment can be maintained properly.  

“MicrobeCare became a game changer for us and how we manage and clean all areas on our campus, especially in our athletic areas. Across campus we have never been cleaner and safer, and there have been no documented cases of transmission in these spaces during the pandemic”.

- Rence Meredith, Director of Facilities Services, Grand Valley State University 

Treat any piece of equipment with the MicrobeCare™ bond, then toss the adjustable 3 oz can into your bag. Players will instantly gain protection from harmful, odor-causing bacteria, including mold and MRSA. The equipment with hard surfaces will not absorb any dangerous microbes and will not produce any lingering odors.  

The product will maintain its effect for years on hard surfaces like a helmet, and can be reapplied on softer pads that have more frequent friction on it, such as skates as necessary.

“Covid aside, MicrobeCare is the best decision you can make to protect your gear from the rigors of our sport. This is the most exceptional product on the market, extending the life of your gear while massively enhancing your overall safety and odor. We are honored to partner with such a progressive product and company and feel committed to telling this story alongside our top tier Verbero equipment and apparel”.

            - Andy Sutton, CEO / NHL Veteran, Verbero 

MicrobeCare™ also sterilizes the equipment, helping to prevent the treated areas from becoming a contaminated reservoir. If a team trainer is sick with the flu and happens to sharpen several sets of skates, only the MicrobeCare™ treated sets would be continuously fighting and protected against becoming contaminated. The medical-grade solution also leaves no residue to ensure athletes are not sacrificing performance for the added protection. 

"As a professional hockey player, you can tell if the kick point in your stick is off with a single shot. I was nervous at first that I would be able to notice something bonded inside my gloves and skates, but after applying MicrobeCare it's impossible that you could notice anything. Absolutely zero difference other than knowing I’m being medically protected like never before. Not to mention, my gear doesn’t smell disgusting now!”

            - Evan Rankin, Retired 9 Year Professional Hockey Player

MicrobeCare™ is non-toxic and used on countless FDA-approved skin contact medical devices, forcing the product to undergo more research than your everyday cleaning solutions. Recently, surfaces throughout the Xcel Energy Center, home of the National Hockey League’s Minnesota Wild, were treated to safely welcome back fans to the arena. 

"The highest priority with welcoming back guests to the facility has always been the health and safety of our fans and staff. Every effort has been made to provide a safe, clean and sanitized environment, and we are ready! Surfaces throughout the arena are treated with MicrobeCare™, a fast-acting antimicrobial that permanently bonds to nearly any surface to create a long-lasting, invisible barrier of protection against viruses & bacteria, including human coronavirus”.

            - Xcel Energy Center Vice President and General Manager Jack Larson