Sutton & Scott Tell Stories on Dropping The Gloves Podcast


Verbero Owner, CEO & 676-game National Hockey League defenseman Andy Sutton and eight-year NHL enforcer John Scott have much in common.

Not only are both retired NHLers Michigan Tech alumni, but they also spent time with the San Jose Sharks and Minnesota Wild organizations and were tough customers during their tenure in the NHL. Additionally, they both remain involved in the game of hockey after lengthy professional careers.

Sutton inspires innovative equipment engineering and online team servicing with Verbero Hockey and Scott serves as Host of Dropping The Gloves Podcast, the official podcast of

Scott welcomed Sutton to dropping the Gloves for an extensive interview that touched on Sutton’s path to the NHL, the identity he formed as a skater, his experience as a heavyweight in the league and more.

“Minnesota was that tipping point,” Sutton, discussing his evolution as a player with the Minnesota Wild, said. “There’s always that space in the Matrix when Neo realizes he’s Neo and everything unlocks. It’s kind of like that. It’s all about faith in yourself, trusting yourself and whatever that journey means to you.”

Sutton also fast-forwarded to detail his endeavor at Verbero and what the hockey company has to offer.

"We're a best-in-class company," Sutton said. "We have the lightest stick on the market at 350-grams; the only full carbon-fibre skate; the only full 3D-printed custom helmet system; the only full custom goalie program.

"We're the only company with a team store software and only company that owns their own apparel manufacturing. We've got a lot of neat things going on. We're really connected."

Listen to the full interview HERE!