Sutton Joins Sports & More Podcast

Verbero Owner and CEO Andy Sutton discussed the Stanley Cup Final, Verbero and more with Dean Millard on the Sports & More Podcast

Tampa Bay or Dallas. Who ya got?

Verbero Owner and CEO Andy Sutton joined Dean Millard on the Sports & More Podcast to chat all things hockey, conversing about the current Stanley Cup Final, Sutton’s playing days and of course, Verbero.

As far as the Cup Final goes, Sutton knows who he thinks will end up hoisting Lord Stanley.

“The one great thing about our championship is that the best teams make it to the end,” Sutton started. “You can’t get there by accident, you have to outperform in each series which are long and arduous. In the end, the best teams go the distance. That’s the case again here.

“I think Dallas has, obviously, a very different type of team than Tampa Bay. They’re both strong in their own way and if Dallas can get the kind of goaltending that they’ve been getting, they’ll be able to stick around and if they don’t, Tampa should roll them over. They’re high-octane and have the depth that I don’t believe can be matched.”

Sutton, a former National Hockey League defenseman who played 676 games, then explained Verbero’s progressive take on hockey and how it differentiates from other companies.

“The plan is to be different in every way,” said the Verbero Owner and CEO. “Our tagline is ‘Be Different,’ and we are a team-direct brand. We took out the middle layer to make sure we’re as cost-effective as possible. I don’t think customers should have to pay the prices they pay for a top-tier skate or a top-tier stick.

“What people need to understand is the other brands are doing the same things we’re doing. Why would you have to pay up to $1,000 more for a skate that only costs $50 more to make? It makes no sense. We set it up to challenge that and make sure we can beat them on price and beat them on quality. We’re also not trying to confuse the consumer. We have one amazing skate, one amazing stick, one amazing glove, etc. We won’t replace it until I can find a better product to replace it with.”

Verbero strives to bring progression and affordability to all, retailing innovative equipment at a friendly price. Verbero also provides on-demand and customizable apparel, gear, game wear and supplies to hockey clubs.

“Our focus to go team-direct is supported by a robust apparel program and game wear program that I brought in,” said Sutton. “It’s all on-demand and custom. We also built a proprietary software system to house all these products, all the team apparel, all the game wear, all the hard goods and equipment in unique, individual team stores at That allows every team to have their own team store where they can access team-branded, team-logoed products 24/7/365 through E-commerce.

“We’ve got a really progressive structure, strategy, pricing system and continuity platform through the team stores that are going to allow us to continuously service the teams that are on board.”

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