Sutton Talks Line Brawls, State of the Game and more with the Locked On NHL Podcast

Verbero Owner, CEO and longtime National Hockey League defender Andy Sutton was no stranger to old school hockey during his playing days. With his 6-foot-6, 245-pound scale, Sutton engaged in more than 40 fights over his NHL career.

Sutton visited with the Locked On NHL Daily Podcast and rekindled old stories he experienced at the professional level. One anecdote Sutton shared involved a line brawl when his Atlanta Thrashers visited the Edmonton Oilers in 2004. “All I remember was that I was so thankful Francis Lessard was on the ice (laughing),” Sutton started. “It was just unbelievable. Somebody was in the bench, the goalies were going at it. It was pretty unbelievable and probably the biggest brawl I was part of in my entire career.”

Sutton and Locked On NHL Podcast Host Tom Gazzola also touched on several other topics. Watch the line brawl above and listen to the entire interview below!