Introducing: The Fundamental Podcast - Hosted by Verbero Hockey

Podcast Launch - Fundamental - Hosted by Verbero Hockey

Fundamental is a podcast exploring what is truly fundamental to being human. Vision, goals, habits, character, and curiosity. We talk about hockey - a lot - but our conversations reach far and wide to explore life, business, philosophy, personal development, relationships, and more. Hosted by 16-year NHL Veteran and business owner, Andy Sutton, and an array of co-hosts and guests, Fundamental aims to engage and inspire and make all of us a little bit better.
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If you'd prefer to watch the episode, check it out below:

Episode 1: It's Fundamental

Our inaugural episode covers an array of topics, including:

  1. Locker Room Philosophy: Reflections on the importance of the locker room in providing a sense of connection, acceptance, and loyalty among hockey players. The value of loyalty in a world where it seems to be diminishing.

  2. Fundamental Differences in Approach: The fundamental differences between traditional hockey culture and what Verbero aims to bring to the industry. This includes technological improvements, gear customization, and a focus on providing excellent service and building partnerships.

  3. Verbero's Approach: Verbero positions itself as a best-in-class product company with a commitment to accessibility, customization, and excellent service. The goal is to go beyond being a commodities provider and offer value-added services to customers.

  4. Team Rewards Program: Verbero introduced a team rewards program as a benefit for customers who choose to customize with them, creating a unique category for their offerings.

  5. Personalization and Connection: The importance of personalization at Verrbero, treating every organization as a valued partner, and fostering genuine connections with customers.

  6. Discussion on Presence and Gratitude: The conversation delves into philosophical aspects of life, discussing the significance of being present, avoiding unnecessary projections into the future, and expressing gratitude for everyday experiences.

  7. ACCHL European Trip: Involvement in coordinating an exceptional European trip for ACCHL all-star teams, providing players with a unique experience of playing and touring in Europe. Creating a memorable and valuable experience for these players.

  8. Personal Reflections: Personal reflections on the joy of being part of such initiatives and the positive impact it has on players' lives.

Come on the Journey with Us

We can't wait to see where the conversations take us and we hope you join us on this journey!