Rebranding Ice Hockey Team Kit

Rebranding Ice Hockey Team Kit

  • Background: The team, a storied franchise in ice hockey history, has been a cornerstone of the league for decades. Known for its rich tradition, the team has a loyal fan base and a record of consistent performance.
  • Objective: To modernize the team's image, increase fan engagement, and leverage new partnerships to create a fresh, dynamic look while respecting the team's heritage.


  • Featured Partners: The rebranding involved a collaboration with a renowned sportswear brand and a local graphic designer known for their innovative styles.
  • Role of Partners: The sportswear brand brought in advanced fabric technology and design expertise. The local designer infused the kit with unique graphic elements, aligning the team's legacy with a contemporary aesthetic.

Design Process

  • Initial Concepts: Early designs played with various color schemes and patterns. Emphasis was on balancing tradition with innovation.
  • Collaboration Highlights: Partners met regularly, iterating designs based on player and fan feedback.
  • Finalization: The final design was a culmination of expert opinions, technical feasibility, and fan preferences.

Before and After

  • Old Kit: The traditional kit featured red, blue, and white colors with a simple logo and standard fonts (See Image 1).
  • New Kit: The rebranded kit boasts vibrant colors, sleek design lines, and a dynamic logo. The design reflects modern trends while honoring the team's history (See Image 2).


  • Manufacturing: Produced using sustainable materials, the new kits are lighter and more comfortable.
  • Launch Strategy: Unveiled through a major online event, followed by a community outreach program.
  • Reception: The new design was well-received, with positive feedback from fans and increased social media buzz.

Results and Impact

  • Sales and Engagement: Post-launch, merchandise sales increased by 40%. Social media engagement rose by 30%.
  • Brand Image: The rebranding enhanced the team's image, positioning it as a forward-looking yet heritage-rich franchise.


  • Summary: The rebranding achieved its objectives, striking a balance between innovation and tradition.
  • Future Outlook: The success has laid the groundwork for further innovative initiatives, including community-focused campaigns.


  • Before Images
  • After Images