Ice Hockey Jersey Evolution - A New Era

Ice Hockey Jersey Evolution - A New Era


  • Background: A regional ice hockey team, known for its resilience and spirit, has embarked on a transformative journey to revamp its brand identity to resonate more with its growing fan base and reflect its dynamic future.
  • Objective: To introduce a jersey design that encapsulates the team's vision, incorporates advanced material technology, and strengthens the connection with supporters.


  • Featured Partners: This rebranding initiative was made possible through the collaboration with a globally recognized athletic apparel company and a celebrated graphic design firm.
  • Role of Partners: The apparel company provided innovative fabrics and jersey cuts, while the design firm offered creative direction, ensuring the new jersey design was both aesthetically pleasing and symbolically meaningful.

Design Process

  • Initial Concepts: Concepts varied from subtle nods to the team's legacy to radical redesigns. Fan forums were created to gather input, ensuring the community was part of the journey.
  • Collaboration Highlights: Partners worked in tandem, using virtual reality tools to visualize jerseys on players and gather real-time data on performance and comfort.
  • Finalization: The final design was a crowd-sourced effort, chosen through a fan vote, that balanced heritage with a sleek, modern look.

Before and After

  • Old Jersey: The old jersey was steeped in tradition, with a color palette of deep red and navy blue, featuring the classic crest (See Before Image).
  • New Jersey: The rebranded jersey breaks the mold with a bold new color scheme, integrating cutting-edge design elements while retaining iconic symbols (See After Image).


  • Manufacturing: Leveraging eco-friendly materials, the jerseys were produced with reduced environmental impact.
  • Launch Strategy: A multimedia campaign, supported by player-led workshops and fan events, introduced the new jersey.
  • Reception: The launch generated unprecedented media coverage and a surge in season ticket renewals.

Results and Impact

  • Sales and Engagement: Merchandise sales skyrocketed by 70%, while social media mentions rose by 50%.
  • Brand Image: The rebrand positioned the team as a pioneer, willing to evolve while celebrating its past.


  • Summary: The rebranding was a resounding success, exceeding expectations in sales, fan engagement, and brand revitalization.
  • Future Outlook: With a successful jersey rebrand, the team is now looking to extend this new identity to other merchandise and fan experiences.


  • Before Image: A depiction of the old jersey, representing tradition.

  • After Image: A showcase of the new, modern jersey design.