MicrobeCare: Making the World a Cleaner, Safer Place

MicrobeCare is a unique patented, EPA registered antimicrobial solution that will help reduce the spread of infection and cross communication of dangerous microorganisms on surfaces to which it is applied, and is proven to extend the useful lifetime of products. Our custom application process ensures guaranteed product & surface compatibility. 

  • Used by 50+ Division I Universities, the Tour de France including all medical vehicles and tents, and numerous professional sports teams

  • It’s a Bonded Application – when you spray this product it bonds to the surface. Instead of being wiped up, you let this dry onto new pads and seep into old ones.

  • In the hospital, MicrobeCare has published studies that show over 12 years of CONTINUOUS efficacy on hard surfaces. Also it has the ability to kill harmful things MRSA in under 3 minutes.

  • On softer equipment like shoulder pads or the inside of shin pads, you will want to re-apply every so often as friction will eventually wear away at the bond. (Re-apply monthly to bimonthly in things like a skate).

  • This will remove the stink from the stinkiest players. The guys that don’t wear socks aren’t an issue anymore. Dave Aleo the trainer for the ECHL’s Toledo Walleye swore by this, and was the specific reason he loved the product.

  • You would never know "by feel" that it has been applied, and its BEST to treat new pieces of equipment. (Apply after baking skates)

  • MicrobeCare was built by the hospital, and exclusive to the hospital. This also means it was graded by the hospital. The product quality will never be jeopardized and has been through more medical tests than almost every at home cleaning product on the market.

  • If a trainer is sick and they sharpen everyone’s skates... ONLY THE VERBERO MicrobeCare treated skates, would be helping to protect that player from getting sick with the same illness. It will also only work on what it's sprayed on. So if that same trainer also touches the socks that a player uses, and the socks weren’t treated, you’ll obviously have transmission risks. MicrobeCare only helps to keep whatever has been treated with it from becoming a reservoir for bacteria, etc.

  • MicrobeCare owns and controls the patents to nearly every application of an antimicrobial on athletic equipment. From Helmets to skates MicrobeCare is the only antimicrobial actually patented and intended for application on those pieces of equipment.

  • It’s completely non-toxic, and is used on countless FDA Medical devices used in surgeries. This is why it has been put through numerous tests that your everyday cleaners aren't subjected to.

  • As for how to apply, you can douse a piece of equipment or simply spray it. Either one will do its job, however if it’s an old piece of equipment there will be layers and layers of contamination deeply rooted in the softer pads. You'll want to use as necessary considering that.

  • The cans are 3oz. and have an adjustable spray top much like an axe body spray can for locking. So a player can throw it into his bag without having to worry about it going off.


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