From Concept to the Crease: The Making of Verbero Goalie Gear

Embrace your crazy with Verbero Goalie, handcrafted in Canada by legendary equipment manufacturer Kenesky. 

View the video below for a behind-the-scenes peek at Verbero’s custom goalie creation process, which includes the initial design phase, weaving glove lace, and stitching custom graphics and pads. From concept to the crease, verbero has all puck-stoppers covered.

Completely customizable and designed to fit the individual, Verbero takes into account every detail when building high quality and unique gear. With a focus on quality, performance, customization and protection, Verbero offers all netminders the ability to fine-tune their own equipment for optimal performance and appeal.

The best part about playing goalie is getting to wear the cool and unique gear! Verbero encourages every goalie to embrace their inner crazy and to showcase their style. We want you to be the talk of the rink with your custom setup and fully embrace the ‘look good, feel good, play good’ philosophy. 

We want goalies to have fun with their gear and let their imaginations run wild!