‘Better Than Anything I Ever Used in my Entire NHL Career’: Sutton On Verbero Equipment

Verbero's key focus is on innovation, progression and amplifying the performance of an athlete or organization with top-quality equipment and team servicing.

“Our stuff is as good or better than anything I ever used in my entire NHL career, for starters,” Verbero Owner & CEO Andy Sutton, a 676-game veteran, recently said in an interview with TSN 1260. 

“That’s a point of emphasis. I don’t want to be involved with a brand that sells products that aren’t the best. We’re always working to make those better. We have the only full carbon fibre skate, we have the lightest stick on the market at 350 grams, we have full 3D-printed custom helmets. We have the only proprietary team store software where we make products available 24/7/365 for our teams and partners. Beyond that, we never want to stop educating people and letting them know there is a different way to buy.”

Verbero gives customers and organizations a simple way to shop with their online sales system and provides career opportunities to anybody looking to become a Verbero Sales Representative.

“We really obliterated the status quo with the way we sell,” Sutton continued. “We let our rep force sell anywhere to anybody and we let them build their own sub rep force, so they can work with their best friends and colleagues to align with our program. We tripled the industry-standard commission rate, as well. Our reps and affiliates have the ability to make a lot of money with us. We tie them to the accounts, tie them to the team stores and recurring sales. 

“Beyond that, we’re really accessing the customer, the player, the coach, the commissioner, the parent very directly with our strategy because our rep force members are coaches, they are parents and ex-players. We have over 25 ex-NHLers and over 25 ex-PHPA (Professional Hockey Players’ Association) players and we’ve got about 20 of the top women in the game that have all signed on with us. We’re really accessing at the point of play and accessing with a lot of brand credibility.”