Verbero & Professional Hockey Players' Association Announce Partnership


Hanging up the skates is never easy for those who have poured their heart and soul into the game of hockey. To assist both current and former skaters in their transition to a post hockey career, Verbero and the Professional Hockey Players' Association (PHPA) have formed a partnership designed to support and provide opportunities for PHPA Members in their post-playing careers.

Verbero will work hand-in-hand with the PHPA’s renowned Career Enhancement Program, providing current players, PHPA Alumni, as well as their families with career assistance through Verbero’s robust and progressive sales structure.

Verbero has been a leader in protection, customization, and Team apparel for over a decade. Their technologically advanced products and highly innovative designs are the core foundation that sets them apart. Verbero gloves have been used by top NHL players, while their Carbon Fiber skates and sticks are both industry leaders, boasting the lightest stick in the world and the only full carbon fiber skate.

Verbero’s lucrative sales program allows any Representative to build their own market and sales team, while gaining guidance from Verbero Owner, CEO & long-time National Hockey League defenseman and PHPA Alum, Andy Sutton.

“I remember all too well what it was like leaving the game I played for so long. The anxiety and lack of constructive outlets made life very challenging, and as much as I tried with all my might to insert myself into a multitude of endeavors, it was and always has been hockey that has been my lifeblood,” Sutton said.

"We are beyond excited to partner with the PHPA and will go shoulder-to-shoulder with them to support the athletes and families within the PHPA. Our intention is to educate and support players, both former and current, with access to the Verbero program in order to optimize the ability to bring in a significant, recurring revenue stream through Verbero.”

With a commitment to building support networks and creating growth opportunities, many former players who have joined Team Verbero including Jamal Mayers, Glen Metropolit, Danny Syvret, Mike Weaver, and others have already found tremendous success.

“Verbero and the PHPA will ensure that all willing parties have both Verbero and the PHPA behind them to uphold the efforts required to drive sales, with Verbero offering up its staff to work with the PHPA Member directly on all team, league, or association accounts,” Sutton continued.

“We tripled the industry-standard commission rate and allow all our Representatives to build their own sub-rep forces, all supported by our proprietary Team Store software. We tie all commissions to individual sales, team sales, and all Team Store sales, and use an affiliate dashboard system so our Representatives can see all sales in real-time. We also automated commission payouts so our sales team can focus on getting the next account while Verbero focuses on every other support detail.”

And through the collaboration between Verbero and the PHPA, an opportunity to remain involved in the game of hockey is being presented.

“The first thing to do is make a choice,” Sutton said. “That intention leads to progress and ultimately a reincarnation where we are able to carry our past lives into what will be the basis for the rest of our lives.”

“The PHPA is excited to launch this partnership with Verbero as more past and present PHPA Members than ever are utilizing the CEP to help them prepare for what comes next,” added PHPA Career Enhancement Program Coordinator, Steve Carney. “The passion and commitment of the Verbero team ensures that PHPA Members and Alumni will get all of the support that they need along their path to success.”