The Verbero Online Team Store Program

While hockey teams and associations focus on the task at hand, Verbero can focus on making them look good while doing it. 

With Verbero’s Online Team Store Program, organizations can have their full kits and supplies serviced completely, available at any time.

Let Verbero Owner and former NHL defenseman Andy Sutton explain.

“When teams reach out to us, we hope that they have a vector logo. If they don’t, we have an art department that can design that logo for our customer base. We then take that logo and the colors of the team, the predominant colors, and we apply those attributes to the entire collection of products that we have. We kick back a full mock-up. We send an entire custom catalog back to the teams."

Verbero's customizable program can also deck clubs out with team-decorated sticks, pants, apparel and more, hosting their Online Team Store at Verbero[dot]com.

“The ace up our sleeve is that we’ve also created a proprietary software system that allows us to create team stores. Essentially, all of the cataloged products that the teams get with all of their logos and team colors, those can exist 24/7/365 in e-commerce at Basically, teams, leagues, associations, individuals can go there at any point in time and support their team and buy the products that accentuate what the team is doing.

“That allows us to focus on the stuff that makes the teams look professional, while the teams can focus on winning hockey games.”