Sutton Talks Oilers, Verbero Product on Locked On Oilers Podcast

Sutton spent one season with the Oilers, scoring three goals and seven assists with the club in 2011-12

Despite only appearing in 52 games with the Edmonton Oilers, Verbero Hockey owner Andy Sutton enjoyed all of his time in Alberta's Capital city.

Sutton scored three goals and seven assists in what would be his final season in the National Hockey League, and has since poured his passion into his business ventures including building Verbero Hockey.

"Since I acquired Verbero in December, it's basically been my sole focus," Sutton told Locked On Oilers Host Tom Gazzola.

"We took the best of the best from that company, and they had product that was in the NHL - very high-level, very technical stuff - and we added some of the very best characteristics of the other parts of our business to the brand."

Sutton, after ending his career with the Oilers, provided some insight into his transition to the equipment business.

"I always had an analytical mind and playing the game the way I played it, my identity became a lot about blocking shots and body contact," he said.

"So, I was always finding all of the faults in the gear. I started developing intellectual property and getting patents on very specific types of protection systems."

As far as his time with the Orange & Blue went, Sutton had nothing but good things to say about his last NHL team to lace up for.

"I had the best time, honestly," Sutton said. "It was the time of my whole career. I would have loved to have kept going."