‘I Put It Through Tremendous Wear-Testing’: Sutton On The Mercury V350 Composite Stick

Even though the Verbero Mercury V350 Composite Stick is the lightest on the market at 350-grams, it is strong enough to withstand the force of hockey's largest players.

Take Verbero Owner, CEO and 15-year National Hockey League defenseman Andy Sutton’s word for it.

“I’m 6-foot-7, 260-pounds and I took an 85-flex V350 and shot 350 one-timers to make sure that this thing was going to hold up,” Sutton, who finished his career with 687 shots on goal over a 676-game career, said.

“I was completely blown away at how powerful and explosive the shot is, how durable the stick is - even though it's the lightest stick on the market. Beyond that, I was able to utilize that stick for six, seven months after the fact without breaking it.”

The durability of the MERC350 has not only been endorsed by Sutton, but also by several former NHL players.

“It’s battle-tested and we’ve got a bunch of ex-NHL players that have validated that,” Sutton said. “Glen Metropolit, Shawn Heins, Mark Mowers, Andrew Alberts, on and on down the list. Our guys have all validated the stick.”

The Black Ops Series MERC350 is available for USD 229.99, CAD 289.00 and €196,95. The stick is available in a range of different flex and blade options. 

“We brought in the Black Ops Series, which is a fairly ambiguous graphic profile,” Sutton added. “What that allows us to do is get that stick in the hands of basically anybody for any team orientation and it’s also an understated graphic, which I think is classy.”