Bolden & Wickenheiser Listed in Sportsnet’s Top 25 Most Powerful Women in Hockey

Verbero Athlete & National Hockey League Pro Scout Blake Bolden and former Canada women’s ice hockey team member Hayley Wickenheiser were listed in Sportsnet’s Top-25 Most Powerful Women in Hockey on International Women’s Day.

Bolden ranked third on the list due to all her amazing accomplishments in the game. She is the first Black woman to be a scout in the NHL, the first to be drafted in the opening round of the CWHL Draft and the first to play professional hockey in the NWHL. The 29-year-old also won a championship in both leagues.

Wickenheiser was featured at No. 18 on the list. The former Canadian Women’s National Team superstar solidified her legacy on the ice over many years competing and is now working to complete her medical school studies to assist on the frontlines of the pandemic.

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