Team USA Dextra Pro+ Glove - Verbero™

Team USA Dextra Pro+ Glove

A custom design and improved performance

Developed exclusively for Team USA, now available to you.

Get a grip on Verbero’s new Dextra PRO+ Glove, designed to give ultimate comfort and unsurpassed dexterity. The ultra lightweight Dextra PRO+ Glove features our brand new PERMADRY palm, creating a natural feel from the moment you put it on, eliminating the typical time needed to break a glove in and keeping your glove dry throughout the game.

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Players praise the Dextra Glove for its comfort, dexterity, protection and game-ready feel. The Dextra PRO+ Glove also utilizes antimicrobial black liner introduced in the Vortex skate.

Verbero™ Dextra Pro+ Glove Features

  • Palm: 
    NEW PERMADRY Palm. A high end blend with a soft finish and game ready feel. Developed in conjunction with the Verbero Stick Line, it achieves the best interaction between glove and stick. This material stays dry throughout the game, enhancing performance and comfort.
    NEW Sniper Grip: High quality spandex gussets for enhanced dexterity. The X-tenza gusset finger sleeves provide less restriction on finger closure, improving stick control, glove flexibility and overall feel.
  • Exterior:
    Ver-Tec Tight Cross Weave Nylon increases durability without compromising flexibility.
    Tri-Foam Protection with Plastic Inserts.
    Increased Protection on smallest finger and side. 
  • Liner: 
    Antimicrobial liner. Keeps hands comfortable and dry, while maintaining the glove free from odors. Assists in the prevention of infections.
  • Design Make-Up: 
    Anatomical Design that prevents hindered movement during play, while providing outstanding comfort. 
    The Cuff roll incorporates ½ inch moisture management vinyl nitrate for an exceptional fit, feel, weight and protection. 
    All back hand and finger inserts provide top end protection by utilizing ¾ inch moisture management vinyl nitrate foam with protect PE poly inserts.




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