Dextra PRO Stock 14 - Verbero™

Dextra PRO Stock 14

Limited Edition All Star Team Gloves

All Star colors with NEW thumb options.

Verbero’s Dextra PRO Stock gloves were designed for NHL All Star potential players. Get these exclusive gloves with PRO specs and quality. Featuring our PRO Stock Palm, Dextra PRO Stock has the same natural feel with an increased performance and advanced moisture control.

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  • Flexible
  • Locked

For this advanced, limited edition gloves, we are introducing a new Flex Thumb that promotes natural movement and dexterity. This model also features a re-designed cuff that increases Dextra's already incredible range of motion. All these features only build upon Dextra's comfort, dexterity, protection and game-ready feel. 

Verbero™ Dextra PRO Stock Features

  • Palm: 
     PRO Stock Palm. A high end palm with a softer finish. Developed specially for professional players, this palm remains dry throughout a game while promoting grip and movement.
  • Traditional finger gussets for more stability and control.
  • Exterior:
  • Ver-Tec Tight Cross Weave Nylon increases durability without compromising flexibility.
  • Tri-Foam Protection with Plastic Inserts.
  • Increased Protection on smallest finger and side. 
  • Liner: 
  • PRO spec black liner for advance moisture management and sweat control.
  • Thumb:
  • Locked and Flex Thumb options available.
  • Design Make-Up: 
  • Anatomical Design that prevents hindered movement during play, while providing outstanding comfort. 
  • NEW Redesigned cuff in all the Flex Thumb models. This new cuff style increases range of motion, as preferred by several professional players.
  • Cuff incorporates a ½ inch moisture management vinyl nitrate for an exceptional fit, feel, weight and protection. 
  • All back hand and finger inserts provide top end protection by utilizing ¾ inch moisture management vinyl nitrate foam with protect PE poly inserts.

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