Verbero’s Revamped Mercury V900 Composite Skate

Tabbed 'the Bugatti of skates’ by Verbero Owner Andy Sutton, the Mercury V900 Composite Skate is a one-piece carbon fiber boot tailor-made for comfort and performance optimization

Verbero Owner Andy Sutton likens the Mercury V900 Composite Skate to one of the automobile industry's utmost high-performance vehicles.

“I call them 'the Bugatti of skates,' Sutton said.

"It’s so beautiful, it almost looks like a piece of art. I’m kind of a car guy and I love a lot of the companies like Porsche or Bugatti that are very design-focused. I feel like this skate is in synch with that.”

You wouldn’t try to drive a car with a flat tire, so why would a player try to skate with dull blades? The Mercury V900 fuses a sleek aesthetic with enhanced performance features - much like the Bugatti itself.

“Verbero did a lot of great things before I arrived as a brand owner,” Sutton explained. “One of the things they did incredibly well was create this carbon fiber skate.”

Sutton became Verbero Owner and CEO in December, inheriting the well-fabricated, one-piece skate. As a former National Hockey League player for 15 seasons, the defenceman knew he wanted to make some adjustments to the product to make it lighter, more comfortable and more durable.

“There were some perceived deficiencies from my end aesthetically and even functionally,” Sutton said. “The comfort roll edge up on top, we softened that material. We changed the interior liner to make it a better performing and faster-drying liner.

“We worked to make the skate function better as well by changing the carbon fiber to a Japanese-created carbon fiber that actually relieved about 30 percent of the carbon fiber weight of the skate. We added an increase in not only the performance of the skate making it lighter, but we’re actually getting more flex in the skate because of the quality of the carbon fiber that we altered out.”

After the modifications were done, Sutton couldn’t help but marvel at his latest piece of innovative equipment.

“The Mercury skate became incredibly comfortable, became more durable and it also performed better by being able to interact with the foot a lot better through the skating stride,” Sutton said.

Tagged at $295.00 USD, the Mercury V900 Composite provides pro stock quality at an affordable price.

“Verbero is living proof of what a skate should cost,” said Sutton. “A high-end skate with the most advanced materials and construction.”

And that’s why they're known to Sutton as ‘the Bugatti of skates.’