Verbero Partners With Women's Hockey Alumni

To honour the legacy of the female athletes who have sculpted and sacrificed to make women’s hockey what it is today, and continue to work tirelessly to build a better future for the next generation of female athletes, Verbero and the Women’s Hockey Alumni (WHA) have formed a groundbreaking new alliance.

Verbero and the WHA will collaborate to support female athletes on and off the ice, celebrate their accomplishments, honor their history and foster the next generation of players.

"The Women's Hockey Alumni provides a unique opportunity to partner with many of the greats who have been heroes to generations," said three-time Olympian and five-time World Champion Sami Jo Small.

"Having Verbero on board with the organization will allow the Women's Hockey Alumni to help showcase the incredible women involved while assisting Verbero to forge new ground in the women's market."

Verbero and the WHA have also formed a Women’s Equipment Advisory Board alongside Verbero GM of Canadian Distribution & Product Manager Neil Wensley. Women’s Hockey Alumni member Carlee Campbell will work with Wensley to implement long-overdue changes in equipment design for enhanced female performance. Equipment and apparel innovations include providing full-flex intermediate stick programs, women’s apparel programs and more.

"Verbero is a brand that is hyper-focused on creating a women's product line that fits and functions with the female player being top of mind," Wensley said.

"Women and girls have had to resolve themselves by using ill-fitting men's equipment, which doesn't happen in any other sport. We are extremely fortunate to have the WHA as a partner to form our Women's Equipment Advisory Board. We will have the best minds in the game help us create the ultimate women's product line to enhance their protection and experience every time they hit the ice."

The WHA will also receive a Verbero Online Team Store, allowing women’s hockey supporters to purchase WHA merchandise, apparel and limited-edition collectibles intended to acknowledge and celebrate women’s hockey and its athletes. Collectibles include commemorative Verbero stick designs depicting historic moments in women’s hockey, with 50 percent of proceeds going to the WHA.

Furthermore, Verbero will also assist Alumni members in their post-playing careers by supporting potential careers in sales, player development, coaching and more. Through this groundbreaking partnership, Verbero intends to strengthen women’s hockey, the livelihood of professional female athletes and provide career options in hockey following retirement.

“I am beyond excited to partner with the WHA and its amazing women,” Verbero Owner, CEO and 14-year National Hockey League defenseman Andy Sutton said. “Verbero will support female hockey players to the highest degree and we will always speak directly to the athletes to make sure that every right and opportunity is available. This is all long-overdue and Verbero is honored by the alliances we are forging with an emphasis on evolution and innovation.”