Verbero is Partnering With RHP Training Centre!

Verbero is bringing its cutting-edge equipment and apparel to RHP Training Centre in Sudbury, Ontario!

As a proud partner of RHP Training Center and its leading fitness program, Verbero will be supplying RHP Training Center coaching staff with Verbero equipment and apparel, and will be involved in future RHP Training Centre events. Verbero products will also be available for players to touch and feel at RHP Training Centre's 22,000-square foot facility in Sudbury, which includes a REAL ICE surface and an 8,000-square foot dryland area.

"We couldn't be more excited to partner with one of the premier hockey training facilities in the country,” said Verbero Chief Operating Officer and Director of Research & Design Neil Wensley. 

“Our visions are aligned and we feel very fortunate to have this association with the RHP team and bring the Verbero brand to Northern Ontario. One of the keys for us was that, like Verbero, RHP is committed to being the best at what they do and providing the player with an incredible experience.”

RHP Training Centre is designed to develop all athletes, with RHP Training Centre professionals committed to sharing the best guidance possible. 

“We at RHP Training are very excited to announce our partnership with Verbero Hockey!” RHP Training Centre Hockey Director Matthew Bourgeois said. 

"Verbero will help fill that gap left by most equipment and apparel companies. Together with Verbero Hockey, the students at RHP Training Centre will be able to add that edge they need to take their game to the next level through quality and researched hockey equipment." 

Athletes seeking more information on Verbero can visit For details about RHP Training Centre, visit

"Combined with the training and knowledge provided by the RHP staff Verbero Hockey will help provide the equipment necessary for our students to feel comfortable, confident and ready to take on any challenge," added Bourgeois. 

"Both RHP Training Centre and Verbero Hockey have over 10 years of experience in delivering quality training and products to the hockey community. Book your session today to see how Verbero Hockey and RHP Training Centre can take your game to new heights!”