Verbero Chats with Pinder & Steinberg on Sportsnet 960 The Fan

Verbero’s innovative equipment philosophy and team-direct sales system were among the topics discussed with Sportsnet's Ryan Pinder and Pat Steinberg

For all those involved in the game of hockey, Verbero has much to offer.

Even with the Mercury equipment line slated to be fully available in August, the company’s scope extends far beyond just product development.

Owner Andy Sutton outlined how his Verbero can service teams of all ages and skill levels – providing them with an affordable product, unique customizable options as well as a team sales system that will allow the club to purchase their branded equipment and apparel at any time.

Sutton chatted with Ryan Pinder and Pat Steinberg on Sportsnet 960 The Fan on Tuesday to discuss Verbero’s innovative splash in the hockey market.

“Verbero started very innocently with just a passion for the game,” Sutton, who purchased the company in December, began. “The previous ownership group had some heavy funding and invested in a lot of product development. We’re continuing to evolve that program.

“We’re also focused on bringing in some intellectual property that I own personally and then some key strategic partnerships on a skate technology that will be coming. All of our equipment is going to have a unique look and we’re in the final strokes of an incredible, high-level partnership with a helmet company that has some of the most ground-breaking technology you’ll ever see in the helmet game. We’re really excited about everything that’s coming out, quite honestly.

"It’s revolutionary.”

That equipment enhancement is supplemented by Verbero’s on-demand apparel program, which Sutton explained.

“We’re going to have to create an e-commerce extension, so all the apparel, all the team-colored equipment and hard goods, accessories and headwear from New Era is all available 24/7/365 for these teams and fans to access,” he said.

“People can’t believe that we’ve created a turnkey solution like this for people to purchase and access these amazing goods. All these people that are trying to uphold their programs, we offer them an opportunity to have an additional revenue stream through this e-commerce extension for their brands.”

Not only is Verbero catering to clubs through the team-direct program and players with its reasonably-priced product, but the company will also be making an effort to enhance the equipment of current National Hockey Leaguers.

“We’re going to do some specialty custom programs for some of the most elite players in the world,” Sutton said. “We’re going to have this Area 51 approach to fitting, customizing, ventilating and augmenting performance.”

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