Verbero and KAV Become Partners in Innovation and Protection

Verbero & KAV Sports are putting revolutionary head protection to the forefront with the ground-breaking KAV Hockey Helmet

Verbero and KAV are committed to revolutionizing athlete protection and enabling players to become the best version of themselves. With the 3D-printed KAV Hockey Helmet, which fuses cutting-edge protective helmet technology with fitted comfort for uncompromised performance, the future of head protection is here.

A new standard has been established with the KAV Hockey Helmet and its ground-breaking protection technology. Featuring a true comfort fit and a bolt-free design, the KAV Helmet is unlike any traditional head equipment. As the primary partner to KAV Sports, Verbero will make the KAV Hockey Helmet available through their Team Catalog.

“KAV partnered with Verbero given its history with the game, from youth hockey to the pros," said KAV CEO Whitman Kwok. "Those relationships coupled with Verbero’s comprehensive custom product offerings, Team Catalogs and Personalized Team Store are a perfect complement to KAV.”

With the KAV Helmet in the Verbero Team Catalog, clubs seeking premium protection can receive it in team-decorated colors and designs.

"Verbero is beyond honored to be affiliated with KAV and its game-changing helmet technologies,” Verbero Owner, CEO and 14-year National Hockey League defenseman Andy Sutton said.

“KAV is obliterating the competition in all existing testing measures and this amazing advancement does not even include the fact that all KAV helmets are 3D-printed to the exact specifications of the athlete's head, propelling the protective capacities beyond anything ever created. The amount of technology and innovation in the KAV Hockey Helmet is something to behold and Verbero will use all of its efforts to tell its story.”

The helmet boasts unique features for further comfort. The helmet’s Sub Zero vent system also provides unparalleled ventilation while the internal liner puts players on Cloud 9 with advanced internal quilting. KAV's unique one-piece design allows for no coverage gaps, providing consistent safety throughout--leaving every square inch fitted to protect.

"There have only been a handful of game-changing products in the last few decades. This is one of them,” Verbero GM of Canadian Operations & Product Manager Neil Wensley said.

“I have been in the business for over 25 years and this is, without a doubt, one of the most innovative products that I have ever seen. As part of the development team that launched the Synergy stick, I got that same feeling in my gut when I picked this helmet up. The helmet category has just taken a massive leap forward."

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