University of Florida Raising 10's of Thousands

The University of Florida Hockey Club has leveraged their partnership with Verbero to raise 10’s of thousands of dollars for their upcoming season. Yes, you read that right! 

Speaking with the president of the University of Florida Hockey Club, Connor Nicholson it was clear that the idea of fundraising money off of jerseys was a fantasy before partnering with Verbero. Nicholson states, “when you consider quality and price there is no one that made this seem feasible until working with Verbero.” He follows with the fact that, not only are the jerseys in highest quality and form but the “margins they had for us to work with [served] as a great fundraiser.” 

What are these “margins” that Nicholson is talking about? As Verbero has continued to partner with major collegiate hockey clubs they have been offering them exclusive deals on jerseys to allow them to raise money. Verbero has allowed these teams to keep the delta between cost of goods and retail in their pockets. Therefore, it is the collegiate teams that are profiting from their custom jerseys which is just one of the many benefits received when partnering with Verbero. 

When speaking about the quantity of jerseys sold Nicholson tallied them to about “220 to 230 jerseys” keying on tailgate season and notable Florida students and alumni posting it on social media. This number has raised the University of Florida Hockey Club well over the amount provided to them by the University for their season. 

The best part is the opportunity doesn’t begin and end there. The University of Florida is already back designing more jerseys, one notable one being for the Savannah Classic. For all other teams this framework can work as well doing campaigns with alternate jerseys, pink the rink, military appreciation and more. Maybe even an ugly sweater campaign around the holidays. The goal isn’t to hit a quote, the goal is to grow the game of hockey by making it fun, affordable and interactive.