The Verbero Fitting Experience: St. Louis

The Verbero Fitting Experience is an event unlike any other, bringing hockey legends, associations, players and parents together in an atmosphere that is uniquely Verbero.

At the inaugural Verbero Fitting Experience in St. Louis, the local AAA Blues minor hockey organization received an equipment fitting of a lifetime from St. Louis heroes Jamal Mayers, Barret Jackman and former NHL Official Tim Peel. The Verbero Fitting Experience: St. Louis was chock full of civic pride as the Blues Alumni members and Verbero Representatives were on hand to help fit the city’s AAA Blues team and share their knowledge of the game.

It’s not every day that the Blues Alumni network gets to size the city’s premier minor hockey program, which shares the same team name as their NHL counterpart but the AAA Blues club also received approval to wear the storied ‘Blue Note’ logo on their new Verbero uniform kits.

“Traditionally, there is no ‘fitting experience,’ so at Verbero, we’re working hard to create that experience. Everything from the way that we welcome people, to the way we introduce them to the Team Stores, to the way the fitting happens in and of itself,” Verbero Owner, CEO & 15-year National Hockey League defenseman Andy Sutton said.

“Being affiliated with an organization that’s tied in with the big club in the NHL in the St. Louis Blues and being able to work with them to put that historic, iconic logo on items, there’s a lot of pride in that. We work relentlessly to make sure we uphold that position and uphold every value that the organization shares. That’s really what sets Verbero apart from everybody else.”

The Verbero Fitting Experience is made to be an enjoyable occasion for everyone, including hockey parents. While the youths are outfitted in all new, team-decorated gear and apparel, parents are served light snacks and beverages, and have the opportunity to get acquainted with Sutton and Verbero's offerings like the Team Store Program.

"Verbero understands that providing a unique, interactive and exciting Fitting Experience will create an energy and excitement that is unrivaled," Mayers, who won a Stanley Cup with the Chicago Blackhawks in 2013, said.

"I’m eager to see Andy’s vision through providing elite-level gear, high-end apparel, and unique service that appeals to how people shop today by creating each association's very own website where anyone can shop 24/7 and have it delivered directly to their home."

Peel, who called over 1,300 NHL games as a referee and remains involved in the St. Louis minor hockey scene as a coach, found the experience improves the current model for team apparel and equipment servicing.

“It was a massive hit," Peel said.

"Traditionally, an association in St. Louis will usually once or twice a year get a couple of volunteers sitting in a lobby to fill out forms and give the kids options to buy sweatshirts or maybe a T-shirt. It’s an antiquated way of servicing. I saw a need for the associations in St. Louis to have an Online Store, so that the parents, the children, the grandparents and the entire family can go there and purchase apparel for their organization.”

The marquee Verbero Fitting Experience was considered a success and Verbero intends to replicate the event in hockey towns all across North America.

“It was a really exciting opportunity to work with an organization that’s affiliated at the NHL level,” Sutton said of the event. “We came in and fit the boys and girls in every age category. Fit them with their game jerseys, socks and set them up with their online Verbero Team Store for apparel access.”