Sutton Discusses Verbero Hockey, NHL return on SiriusXMNHL’s The Hot Stove

Verbero Owner and former NHL defenceman Andy Sutton joined SiriusXMNHL host David Pagnotta to chat about Verbero Hockey, Sutton’s self-sustaining lifestyle in California and the NHL’s Return To Play Plan

As a former National Hockey League defenceman, Verbero Hockey Owner Andy Sutton can empathize with the current players chomping at the bit to get back into action.

But the undrafted rearguard, whose career spanned 15 seasons and saw many pit-stops along the way – including Atlanta, New York, San Jose, Minnesota and Edmonton, to name a few – does not believe it will take long for the skaters to dig their teeth in once the whistle is blown.

“I think when you’re in it, you’re always chomping at the bit,” Sutton told SiriusXMNHL host and The Fourth Period Editor-in-Chief David Pagnotta during an interview on Saturday.

“These guys are gladiators. When you’re in it, you never stop thinking about it. They’re all doing what they need to do to stay ready. At that level, when guys are as good as the players are in the NHL, it can turn on in a moment’s notice.

“It’s like riding a bike, you don’t forget how hard you need to compete or the instincts that you have to allow you to play at the highest level. Perfecting it is just a matter of time to allow that timing to come back and the flow. The guys will be totally excited and it will be a really exciting brand of hockey. It’s going to be high-octane, for sure.”

Sutton’s experienced the stagnation that comes from summers and extended off-seasons during his playing days. With so much at stake in such a small amount of time for the NHL players returning for the Qualifying Round and subsequent Playoff Rounds, Sutton pinpointed a timeframe for when NHL hockey will be back to its benchmark speed and skill level.

“I think two weeks,” he told Pagnotta. “If the teams were reunited for a couple of weeks, the intensity would be there. The practices would be intense right out of the gates. The guys have probably had this period in-between to make sure they stay in great shape.

“If it was a couple of weeks of team-focused intensity then into games, there would be some scratchy stuff the first couple of games but it won’t take long before it’s right back to where it left off.”

Alongside the excitement surrounding the NHL’s return to the ice is Sutton’s enthusiasm for his new Verbero Hockey product line, which should hit the market roughly around the same time as the NHL’s resumption.

Sutton’s post-playing career revolves around the lifestyle hockey company, with the 6-foot-6 former blueliner is applying his education in engineering, product development and research & development to his newest passion – the business of hockey.

“In addition to having top-tier products, our prices can’t be beaten. That’s the M.O. for Verbero,” Sutton said.

“We have a private label apparel partner that does everything from soup to nuts for us, all the polos, tracksuits and everything you could possibly need for off-ice apparel or travel apparel. We’re really able to service every need for a team top to bottom… And we’ve also got some incredible intellectual property.

Sutton summed up Verbero for the many hockey players ‘chomping at the bit’ to get back on the ice – regardless whether it’s for professional puck or some shinny.

“We keep it very simple: We sell one amazing stick. We sell one amazing glove. One amazing skate. We want to keep it simple for people and we want to make sure we’re always delivering the best.”