Stoko Design: The World’s First Supportive Apparel

Verbero is dedicated to protecting players with injury-preventing equipment and has teamed up with Stoko Design to introduce the world’s first support apparel technology to the game of hockey.

Stoko Design knee support products were created to replace traditional knee braces, which are large, heavy and restrict mobility. Stoko K1 products are lightweight, comfortable and built with a full medical-grade support system, coating the athlete’s legs with 90 feet of high-strength cables to secure their knees and support their every movement. 

In addition to the integrated cable system, Stoko apparel features supportive laminations for increased body bracing, control dials to adjust support levels and technical knitting for enhanced temperature regulation. All Stoko merchandise is made with sustainable fabrics from recycled materials.

“Stoko really came from a personal need for a better solution,” former Olympian and Stoko Founding Member Scott Morgan explained. 

“In the beginning, we thought, ‘We’re going to create the world’s best knee brace.’ But when we went out there and actually started talking to people, they said, ‘We don’t want another knee brace. We want to live life with the experience of never having to wear one.’ That’s where Stoko really came to be: How can we seamlessly integrate the support and provide athletes with the confidence they want and desire in their day-to-day lives?”

Whether returning to the ice from a knee injury or simply looking for additional leg support during exercises, Stoko Design support apparel will protect the athlete with a new layer of security.

For more information on Stoko Design and their state-of-the-art apparel or to purchase the K1 Knee Brace, visit