NCAA National Champions UMass, Hope College Hockey Utilize MicrobeCare™ Antimicrobial Spray

For many clubs, associations and programs, returning to game action was a challenge in the 2020-21 hockey season.

MicrobeCare™ antimicrobial spray did assist many organizations in getting back on the ice, however, due to the product’s ability to prevent dangerous bacteria from collecting on equipment while reducing the spread of harmful microbes on ice surfaces and in dressing rooms.

“For the players that had access to MicrobeCare™, we received some significant results,” said MicrobeCare™ Partner and former professional hockey player Evan Rankin.

“With how tough it was and the mandates that were put in place for our athletes this past year, it was hard for teams to keep up with the COVID-19 protocol. Now, you had teams that had a little extra layer of comfort where they knew they were going to be protected in that situation.”

The University of Massachusetts Div I program and Hope College Hockey in Div III both utilized MicrobeCare™ in their return to play, completing their seasons with National Championships.

“They were universities that had their athletic facilities sprayed and treated with MicrobeCare™,” Rankin said. “To have something now where you can spray the tops of your helmets, the insides of your helmets and have a long-term bond, you know you’re going to be continuously protected.”

MicrobeCare™ sterilizes equipment and helps prevent treated areas from becoming contaminated reservoirs. Players also gain protection from harmful, odor-causing bacteria, including mold and MRSA. Rankin, a former right-winger for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, says he wished he had the product when he was a student-athlete.

“When I was in college, I remember we had a MRSA outbreak on my team,” Rankin said. “We really could have used that back in college because we would end up burning gloves and throwing away shin pads because guys got MRSA. They had to go into the playoffs with brand new stuff.”

MicrobeCare™ reduces the transmission of dangerous bacteria, as well. If a team trainer is sick with the flu and happens to sharpen several sets of skates, only the MicrobeCare™ treated sets would be continuously fighting and protected against becoming contaminated. The medical-grade solution also leaves no residue to ensure athletes are not sacrificing performance for the added protection. 

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