Mercury Pro Pant: Top-Tier Product Without Compromise

The mission of Verbero for Owner & CEO Andy Sutton is to provide hockey players with high-quality products at a fair price.

That applies to the protective, comfortable and affordable Mercury Pro Pant.

“A lot like the Mercury Pro Glove, our Mercury Pro Pant is very symbolic to the way we think of things as a brand: We want top-tier products without compromise and we want to offer them at the best possible pricing,” Sutton, a 676-game National Hockey League defender, said.

Available in four different colors, the Mercury Pro Pant is ready to be worn as soon as it is unpackaged, providing players with instant comfort for an immediate game feel. The Mercury Pro Pant also features several innovative technologies to ensure that performance and protection remain the priority.

“Our pant has a really progressive fit. It’s got a lot of flex partitions and it’s got a lot of protection in a lot of key areas without adding an abundance of weight. It’s got a lot of breathability in it, it’s got the ventilated inserts, it’s got zippers on the inside to give a little bit more flexibility in the gusset area. All in all, it’s just a beautiful pant and we allow for custom embellishment on the left thigh as well, with a little embroidery on the logo,” Sutton added. 

To purchase the Mercury Pro Pant, view its size chart or for more information on its technology, visit

“Give it a try. It’s the best price and best product around.”