Media House Changes

Some may have seen in the previous weeks that a new look is forming across Verbero socials. Recently, owner and CEO Andy Sutton, has made some major changes to Verbero’s media team by taking on their new director of marketing, Ryan Winn. Sutton has one goal in mind, tell the story of Verbero and debunk the hockey industry flaws that have stopped the game from growing and made it inaccessible for many. 

Sutton has a vision of what hockey apparel, technology and organizational outfitting should look like. To him it is about partnership and growth not a bottom line bag. Which is why Sutton has made it his goal to make Verbero a one stop shop of customization. From leisure wear and recovery tools to stick graphics, there is nothing that Verbero can’t tailor to your own individual expressions or team desires. 

This level of customization and care has not only helped programs launch fundraising campaigns and outfit their entire organizations but it is also pushing hockey culture forward. As much as Verbero and Andy Sutton are fans of hard nosed old time hockey, it is clear that the game and culture is moving towards individualization and self expression. This has been seen recently with style choices of Austin Mathews and the draft attire of the “IceMan” Isaac Howard.

So how does this all tie together? A story, a narrative, a movement, or a goal such as the one that Verbero can only grow as fast as the eyes that see it. New hires in the marketing department and changes in Verbero’s media approach will end with Verbero posting consistently across socials including Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook. Styles of content will include one on one conversations with Andy Sutton on current events, hockey culture and brand development. They will also include testimonials, athlete collaborations / reviews, industry debunks, walk through videos on how to properly use the Verbero site, product breakdowns, UGC (User Generated Content), and “Verbero Originals.” Verbero originals will include videos with the Verbero team for entertainment purposes including sauce challenges, the “Can you Clap Bomb it?” challenge, event behind the scenes and so much more. 

Be on the lookout across our socials and engage with Verbero because more community engagement the faster Verbero will be able to provide the insight and entertainment its loyal partners want. For Verbero it isn’t just about the services and products. It is about the culture that we need to push as a community to move the game of hockey forward.