Jr. Sun Devils Ready to Go

You could hear the program's satisfaction with their custom outfitting by Verbero through the energy and reaction of the Jr. Sun Devils 8U program upon their Jersey reveal. 

The Arizona Jr. Sun Devils have outfitted their entire organization with custom Verbero gear and leisure wear including socks, uniforms, warm ups, gloves, pants / shells, backpacks and more. All equipment comes with custom logos, names and numbers so that each athlete feels exactly how they should at the beginning of a season. 

Andy Sutton, a 15 year NHL vet and owner of Verbero knows what it feels like putting on that jersey at the beginning of a season. He knows how important a player's look and feel is to having a good season and falling deeper in love with the game. He states “the first time you put that jersey on you feel like you can do anything” and that all is possible. 

Sutton spoke further on the Arizona Jr. Sun Devils saying that it is “reaffirming.” He goes further stating “when I get to see their reactions [to what we have provided] I just feel… this is it. This is hockey.” 

Sadly this is something that Sutton feels a lot of other major brands are missing. For these brands it isn’t about partnership, customization and a real relationship. Rather, it’s about securing an account and hitting a bottom line. To do this brands have begun pushing ridiculous products like “performance slides, masquerading them around” and claiming that a pair of slides that cost $5 to make will somehow enhance recovery. 

The competitors goal is to “rope a dope to the customer and that is just not something we do” says Sutton. Continuing to follow this passion and character the Verbero team wants to make this level of satisfaction possible for as many organizations as possible; they want every kid to feel like the 8U Jr. Sun Devils did upon their jersey reveal. 

Every player should.