Introducing Verbero Gear Guru Neil Wensley

Chief Operating Officer and Director of Research & Development Neil Wensley brings a wealth of equipment acumen to Verbero

Neil Wensley has been in the business long enough to tell it like it is.

Loaded with extended experience in equipment engineering after years spent working for Easton Sports, Inc., Warrior Sports and CCM, Wensley is bringing his wealth of knowledge to Verbero in his role as Chief Operating Officer and Director of Research & Development.

“Product is king,” Wensley says. 

“At the end of the day, you’re not going to fool anyone. I had been in those situations in the past where I felt a little guilty standing in front of a group and trying to justify these crazy price points.”

Verbero’s ‘Be Different’ approach to equipment – which weaves cutting-edge technology and customizability with on-demand service and team-friendly cost – is a welcoming sight for the gear guru.

“Is there, really, a big difference between a $300 skate and a $1,000 skate? I can tell you, being the guy who developed those products, there isn’t a big difference performance-wise. It’s a lot of window dressing and it’s a lot of re-skinning last year’s product.”

Wensley was perplexed by the durability of the 350-gram Mercury V350 Composite Stick and sees many benefits with the Mercury line overall - which features the Mercury Pro Glove for $80 (USD) and Mercury V900 Composite Skate at $295.

“I was really impressed with the sticks, gloves and skate for the price point that it’s at," he says.

"We’re putting great product at a really, really great price because we’re not going through the traditional retail channel; we’re going right to the consumer.”

While Wensley is proud to stand by the Mercury line, the equipment artisan looks forward to innovating future Verbero products.

“It’s pretty exciting that we have a base that we can now massage and grow into something larger and more powerful," Wensley adds.

"This is my next opportunity to be part of something potentially really special.”